Hey guys. Call me Kiba ....if you want. My Otp is Levi x Eren, Aoba x Noiz, and most recently Gokudera x Tsuna and Taiga x Kuroko (and many many more). I'm very picky when it comes to female characters so yeah, Im working on it though! Im a sucker for Animes with sword fighting and I HATE HATE sad endings. Seriously, come near me with a sad ending and I will cry, then run away. Want to know more just click the 'about me' button over there! (even though its unfinished at the moment ahem).
Came talk to me sometime, yeah? (please? Im so lonely....) (○゜ε^○)
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Protect All Emotion



"A puny titan like you is no match for me, Kiryuin Satsuki. You’re just bones using flesh as clothing.”

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'I guess for now I'll be King'

You said you didn’t need a girlfriend. You said all you need is me.

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弥勒 + 紫

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無題 | ayame
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